Deactivate License

Using this page, you can deactivate your license. The license deactivation is needed if you want to move the license from one computer to another, or if you are upgrading your license.

You can deactivate your license 10 times only. Further deactivations will require that you contact the SmartBear Sales Team.

Step 1 of 5 - Prepare for License Deactivation

1. Find the License Manager PC (that is, the computer, on which the license was activated).
If you have a Node-Locked or Named User license, this is the computer on which SmartBear product is installed. If you have a Floating User license, this may be some other computer. To find it:
  • On any computer, where SmartBear product is installed, open the following URL:
    This will display the Sentinel HASP Admin Control Center.
  • Find your SmartBear product license in the list. Take a look at the Location column. It displays the name of the computer on which the license was activated.
2. Download the HASP Remote Update System utility
Download the following utility to the License Manager PC:
HASP_RUS_AQA.exe (1,233,589 bytes)
The utility does not require installation.

After you download the utility to the License Manager PC, you are ready to proceed.